How to pay with M-PESA in Kenya

Finally in Kenya you can now move funds between your PayPal and M-PESA accounts.

So now you can pay your Green Card Application fee using your M-PESA account linked to gether with a PayPal account.

Sign up for PayPal, it's easy.

First you need to signup for a PayPal account here,

Signing up for PayPal usually requires adding card details, but we will still create an account for you - even if you don't own a debit or credit card. Just click on "link card later" during sign up to PayPal.

Opened your new PayPal account? Great! Just don't forget to confirm your email address (check your inbox) and you'll be good to go!


Then add your new PayPal account to the M-PESA system here,

When done you can transfer money from you M-PESA account to your PayPal and account and then pay your application directly to use by using our PayPal email: or request us via our support to send you are money request via PayPal.

Its that easy :o)

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