Can i send a paper photo to you insted.

The easiest and fastest way to provide us with your application photo(s) is by uploading a digital photo(s) within your account.


You can upload photo(s) here:

If you do not have a digital photo(s), you can send us your photo(s) to the address provided below.

Please be aware that the photo you sent should still follow the photo guidelines provided within your account.

It's essential that your paper photo is 50 x 50 mm and there's plenty of space around your head so that our team can adjust and crop the photo to the correct size after it has been scanned.



Please always send your letter as recorded delivery with a tracking number.

Use the below address only.

124 City Road
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

Att.: Application Photo Processing


(Please allow up to 45 days for photo processing)

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    Teteri Rugaza Ciara

    Question: I want green card - can you help me get one?

    Answer: Yes we can help you get a Green Card for the United States the only thing you need to do is submit an application and we will take care of the rest.

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    Dottie Nikita

    Question: I need a green card card to the USA. How do I get one.

    Answer: you need to submit your application online here:

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    emma kakono

    Question: Hello I paid for the application. And I have failed to up load the photo, could u help me please to upload it in my application?

    Answer: You would need to log into your account where you will upload your photo. You can log in here:

    You are also welcome to send us your photo by submitting a support ticket here: Submit New Support Ticket