How to signup to our affiliate program.

If you have a website and want to promote this great opportunity on your website you can signup using the below link.

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    Thomas Smith

    If you are interested in being a part of our affiliate program so you can earn money on promoting the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program and our valued-added submission service, then please request an affiliate account here,

    You should only apply to our affiliate program if you have a website related to Immigration or the United States.

    Apply to join our affiliate program here:

    If you want to apply for a Diversity Visa Green Card Program personally, then you need to apply online and pay the application fee here,

    Apply and Pay here:

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    Joseph Onyanchux

    Question: I am Joseph Onyancha Oruta I want to be assisted to get a Green Card to America

    Answer: We would be delighted to assist you applying for the Diversity Visa Program. Just follow the simple steps here: 

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    Malaika Abdulai

    Question: I am in need of help please help me.


    Answer: Please submit and pay your application on our website.

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    Jay alam

    Question: You can give me a Green Card?

    Answer: We will not be able to give you a Green Card as you would need to submit an application first. Please submit and pay your application fee directly on

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    david monemou

    Question: Can you help me please?

    Answer: Yes we will be able to assist you just contact our support at or call our Immigration Team on +1 646 564 5615

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    Doreen Moraa

    Question: Will you help me to get a green card please and l have already submitted my application

    Answer: To get the best chance of being selected, please pay your application fee, otherwise we cannot submit your application.

    Please submit and pay your application fee directly on