If you find the below information in your account status.

Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time.

It is because you where not selected. If you have applied for more than one year will submit your application to the next upcoming Green Card Lottery. 

Your account will be updated as soon as we have new results.

If you only applied for one year submission you should as soon as possible apply again on


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    Stephanie Watters

    Question: Can I use the same application for a next entry? How long your application stay in the system?

    Answer: You need to submit a new application each year unless you have applied for two years submission then we will automatically submit your application next year. However be aware we need new photo(s) on your application each year you apply as the same photo(s) cannot be used from year to year as using old photos would disqualify your application.

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    Question: When i write password & customer don't accept when trying to login.

    Answer: if you cannot remember your customer number or password you can request a new one here:

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    Nehla ben Rkaya

    Question: I like to change some of my personal information such as email address?

    Answer: Please log into your account and change any personal information including your email address here:

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    Travel with Asindu


    Hello US Green Card Office

    I'm Asindu, I was a professional technical engineer at Samsung mobile & i have 7 years working experience. Now I'm working as a technical engineer at a software company. In 2019, i tried to apply for dv programmer, but at least i could not open the web site correctly and it did not load, so i missed the chance. In 2021, i applied for dv programmer again, but the result was shown as 'not selected'. I kindly request you to give me a chance to work in your country. I am a very peaceful guy and i love to visit your country
    Thank you Asindu


    Hello Asindu

    As you did not win using the free service we would recommend you to use the paid Green Card Service instead.

    Please apply and pay the application fee online on our website,

    When you have completed the "Apply Today" section and made your payment all you need to do is to upload pictures of you and your family to our system.

    We will take care of everything else. You will be advised directly from US Green Card Office if you are one of the lucky winners of the next Green Card Lottery.

    You can read more about the many advantages of using the paid Green Card Service here,