What is the requirement for my photo(s)?

Instructions for Submitting a Digital Photograph (Image)

The image file must adhere to the following compositional and technical specifications and can be produced in one of the following ways: taking a new digital image or using a digital scanner to scan a photograph.

Compositional Specifications: The submitted digital image must conform to the following compositional specifications or the entry will be disqualified.

  • Head Position
    • The person being photographed must directly face the camera.
    • The head of the person should not be tilted up, down, or to the side.
    • The head of the person should cover about 50% of the area of the photograph.
  • Background
    • The person being photographed should be taken with the person in front of a neutral, light-colored background.
    • Dark or patterned backgrounds are not acceptable.
  • Focus
    • The photograph must be in focus.
  • Decorative Items
    • Photographs in which the person being photographed is wearing sunglasses or other items that detract from the face will not be accepted.
  • Head Coverings and Hats
    • Photos of applicants wearing head coverings or hats are only acceptable if the head covering is worn for religious beliefs; and even then, the head covering may not obscure any portion of the face of the applicant. Photographs of applicants with tribal or other headgear not specifically religious in nature will not be accepted; photographs of military, airline, or other personnel wearing hats will not be accepted.

    Color photographs in 24-bit color depth are required. Photographs may be downloaded from a camera to a file in the computer, or they may be scanned to a file in the computer. If you are using a scanner, the settings must be for True Color or 24-bit color mode. Color photographs must be scanned at this setting for the requirements of the DV program. See the additional scanning requirements below.

Technical Specifications

The submitted digital photograph must conform to the following specifications or the system will automatically reject the E-DV Entry Form and notify the sender.

  • Taking a New Digital Image. If a new digital image is taken, it must meet the following specifications: Image File Format: The image must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format.
    • Image File Size: The maximum image file size is 240 kilobytes (240 KB).
    • Image Resolution: 600 pixels high by 600 pixels wide.
    • Image Color Depth: 24-bit color [Note: Color photographs are required. Black and white, monochrome images (2-bit color depth), 8-bit color, or 8-bit grayscale will not be accepted.]

      Scanning a Submitted Photograph. Before a photographic print is scanned, it must meet the compositional specifications listed above. If the photographic print meets the print color and compositional specifications, scan the print using the following scanner specifications:

    • Scanner Resolution: Scanned at a resolution of at least 150 dots per inch (dpi).
    • Image File Format: The image must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format.
    • Image File Size: The maximum image file size is 240 kilobytes (240 KB).
    • Image Resolution: 600 by 600 pixels.
    • Image Color Depth: 24-bit color. [Note that black and white, monochrome, or grayscale images will not be accepted.]
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    Ibro Sha

    Question: How can add Add photos ?

    Answer: You need to login to upload photo here, https://www.usgreencardoffice.com/login

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    Thomas Smith

    You need to apply and pay the application fee on https://www.usgreencardoffice.com/apply before you can submit your photos.

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    Sadam Abakar

    Question: Hi, my name is Sadam Abakar I need help with the US Green card because of I am in France.

    Answer: Please apply online on https://www.usgreencardoffice.com/apply

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    محمد صبحي

    Question: I want to get out of Egypt. The situation has become very bad. There is no justice. There is no humanity. Life in Egypt has become suffocated. I am an Egyptian young man. I cannot live in a world in which everything is a lie. They lie to us as the youth of the army is in control of the country.

    Answer: I feel sorry for you and I would love to help you. Please submit an application on our website and we will do our best to assist you in moving to the United States.

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    Question: Can I apply if I'm poor with low living standards? Or I might miss air ticket? I'm Robert from Kenya.

    Answer: You may apply no matter what income you have. However, we would not recommend you apply unless you have enough funds to move to the United States and be able to take care of yourself for 6-12 months until you find a job and start earning money in the United States.