How long do applicants who are selected remain entitled to apply for visas in the Diversity Visa Program?

Individuals selected in the Diversity Visa Program are eligible to apply for visa issuance exclusively within the specified fiscal year, beginning in October of the first year and concluding at the end of September of the following year.


Applicants are required to obtain the Diversity Visa or adjust their status before the fiscal year concludes. There is no extension of Diversity Visa benefits into subsequent years for those selected who fail to secure visas within the designated period.


Furthermore, spouses and children who gain eligibility through a Diversity Visa registration are also limited to obtaining their visas in the Diversity Visa category within this timeframe, from October of the initial year to September of the next year.


Overseas applicants will receive an appointment letter from the Kentucky Consular Center, four to six weeks before their scheduled Visa Interview Appointment.

You will be informed via email once we receive the winning notification letter from the Kentucky Consular Center, and we will guide you on how to file the DS-260 and prepare you for the Visa interview in the American embassy or consulate near you.

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    Ahmad yosuf

    Question: Sir , the people which already applied and hving a customer number from one year before are they must to fill the form again and again or there is some easy steps to follow ?

    ANSWER: YES you need to apply very year until you are selected,

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    Namoo Jaalallee

    What error may I made if I applied for DV in 2016 and then failed to check it due to confirmation number lost and then again applied to 2019 Dv ?
    How I could solve this problem?
    What I shall do. ?
    What types o error I made?

    ANSWER: You could have made many errors that is why you should use the paid Green Card service instead of the free lottery with no support, More info here:

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    Question: Give me your contact address

    ANSWER: you will find our address here,

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    teddy tuyisabe

    Question: I have applied to US visa Lottery and after receiving email in November 2019 i fallen sick which stopped me to proceed, is it possible to proceed now?

    Answer: If you stop the pre-process you would have to reapply