Green Card Application step-by-step

There is 14 steps from the day you apply to the day you can legally live and work in The United States

1. Apply online.
2. Choose a Lottery Plan and pay the application fee.
3. Upload your photo(s)
4. Photo(s) approved.
5. Application approved.
6. Application Submitted to the US Government.
7. Confirmation number received from US Government.
8. Application included in the lottery draw.
9. Winner notification received directly by us.
10. Application documents submitted to the US Government
11. Visa Interview at your local US Embassy.
12. Temporary Travel Visa issued to enter USA.
13. Moving to USA.
14. Green Card Issued.

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    I did not received the confirmation numbers by US Government ?

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    Thomas Smith

    All confirmation numbers are send to your email on file, if you did not get it please contact our support on and they will resend it to you.

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    Roberts Refellia

    What if you pay & you don't get the green card...will there be an visitors visa issued? If not will a refund be given.

  • Avatar
    Thomas Smith

    Roberts the Green Card Lottery is a lottery, so you need to be lucky to win. If you do not win you can apply again. But of cause there are no refunds as it is a lottery. :o)

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    Michael Mike

    QUESTION: Please mail me the form to complete with its final submission

    ANSWER: You can only apply using the online form,


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    Kelvin kiprop

    QUESTION: When is the final date for the application?

    ANSWER: The paid Green Card Application Service is open 365 days a year, so you can apply at any time directly on

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    Jonathan Pimentel

    QUESTION: If my country isn't selected to be part of the Visa Lottery, can i still run with my luck and apply to the lottery?

    ANSWER: You can only apply if you are born in a qualified country, please check the list of qualifying countries before you apply,

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    Victor Mulet Matos

    QUESTION: If I don't have a zip code ... how can I fill out the form? 

    ANSWER: if you do not have a zip code in the country where you live you should just use 0000 in the zip code (postal code) box.

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    Nana Stay

    Question: I hope it will work and I win a Green Card

    Answer: The chance of winning a Green Card is good, you can read more about the chances of winning a Green Card on our website.

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    Question: I have not yet received my confirmation number to check the results

    Answer: Please log into your account where you will find your confirmation number

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    Tolera Megersa

    Question: How can we get confirmation number

    Answer: A confirmation number will only be issued when you have paid your application fee and your application has been successfully submitted to the US government. The confirmation number will be available within your account and also sent directly to your email on file.