Can i send a paper photo to you insted.

Yes of cause, if you dont have digital photo(s) you can always send us your paper photo(s) and we will scan and upload the photo(s) for you free of charges.

Please send as recorded delivery with tracking number to,

US Green Card Office Ltd.
18 St. Cross Street
London EC1N 8UN
United Kingdom

Att.: Application Photo Processing


(Please allow up to 45 days for photo processing)

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    Thomas Smith

    Please contact our support to get information about where to send your photos if you want us to scan them.

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    abdiwahab kasim ahmed

    oky thomas where i send my photo
    my photo is my emial photo

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    My question about my green card how login take to get my order price proof now in to my address is a viale isonzo 11 Milan Lodi state code 20135 name is bak last name is danso birth 01 01 19 87 living in Italy Milan I be waiting for login login time just to get my green card only please let me know if you can sand all information provided now to confirm to travel to USA American dream come true and receipt number USAJobs seeking program and global international business management skills market development consultant manager would sales and MBA international student studying course class information provided now new York city NY USA American and travel documents passport number card now waiting for your information right now

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    Teteri Rugaza Ciara

    I want green card

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    Dottie Nikita

    Ineed agreencard card to us

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    André Vargas

    Je voudrais vous envoyer ma photo que vous pouvez mettre dans le monde demain mais je n'arrive pas à faire envoyez-moi un lien que là je vais mettre la photo vous allez aidez-moi le faire j'espère je n'avais pas fait mon photo d'abord je l'ai envoyé je sais pas si vous avez reçu mon numéro aidez-moi s'il vous plaît j'ai besoin d'un visa

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    emma kakono

    Hello I paid for the application. And I have failed to up load the photo, could u help me please to upload it in my application?

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    vehax pc

    zdiecie mam im przesłać