Where should I upload my Photo(s)?

You should login to your personal back office and upload your photo(s)

Please use this link,

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    Kęńņý Đőĺļăr

    Question: I needed help for green card how can i find it

    Answer: You need to apply and pay the application fee online on USGCO

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    Mogabi Lexa

    Question: Please I made a mistake when creating account at the year of my age.I made it1998 instead of 1989.I don't know how to make a correction .

    Answer:  Please log into your account and make any changes to your personal information here

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    Willy Sucré Willydjo

    Question: Hello, I would like to participate but I don't know how I can pay the fees because I don't have a bank account 

    Answer: Unfortunately you will only be able to apply if you can pay online with Visa or MasterCard.

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    yudexys marcano


    Good morning, I am wanting to update photos. How can I make tape are approved and does not give me the option of exchange? Thanks in advance


    You should log into your account here

    Within your account you will be able to update your photo(s).
    You cannot update photo(s) that has already been approved but if for some reason you want to change them anyway you can contact our support here: