One application + application for spouse?

If you choose this option we will prepare one application in your name and add your spouse one your application and prepare one application in your spouse name and add your name on the application.

This will give you double chance of winning.

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    i believe that we will win green card my wife and me. we will be happy to green card us. thank you

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    Catharine de Bruin

    do i need to pay 77 euro for myself and 77 euro for my spouse?

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    Nayomie Nash

    Hi.thanks for your information.when do i apply the green card lottery and when do i get to pay for it?

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    Ibro Sha

    How can I pay fees?I haven't mastercard or visa card. I went to use this opportunity please help me

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    Thomas Smith

    If you do not have any payment card so you can pay online then contact our support on to get bank transfer information.