How will successful entrants be selected?

At the Kentucky Consular Center, all entries received from each region will be individually numbered.

After the end of the registration period, a computer will randomly select entries from among all the entries received for each geographic region.

Within each region, the first entry randomly selected will be the first case registered; the second entry selected the second registration, etc. All entries received during the registration period will have an equal chance of being selected within each region.

When an entry has been selected, US Green card Office be notified online by the Kentucky Consular Center, which will provide visa application instructions we will pass over to you via email.

The Kentucky Consular Center will continue to process the case until those selected to be visa applicants are instructed to appear for visa interviews at a U.S. consular office or until those qualifying to change status in the United States apply at a domestic USCIS office.

US Green Card Office will contact all winners via email, phone and postal letter to the address provided by you. Please make sure that your personal data always are up-to-date.

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