What is the minimum Education or Work experience?

You must comply to one of the following two requirements (Option 1 or Option 2 below) to qualify for the Green Card Lottery:

OPTION 1: You must have completed a foreign equivalent of U.S. high school education "High School education or its equivalent" means the successful completion of a twelve year course of elementary and secondary education in the U.S. or successful completion in another country of a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to complete a 12 year education in the U.S.Passage of a high school equivalency examination is not sufficient. It is permissible to have completed one's education in less than twelve years or greater than twelve years if the course of study completed is equivalent to a U.S. high school education.

OPTION 2: You must have worked in one of the occupations listed on http://online.onetcenter.org/skills/ for at least two years.

Proof that you satisfy these requirements should NOT be submitted when entering the Green Card Lottery but will be requested by a consular officer after your name has been selected and you formally apply for your permanent residence visa. Individuals who do not match these basic requirements should not apply in this program. You need to provide proof of education, work experience and native country only if you are selected. For this reason we do not request this information in the application form.


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    Wiz Nagib Mussa

    Green card lottery high school

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    Wiz Nagib Mussa

    Green card lottery high school and work

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    Peris Cheruto

    Greencard lottery school

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    Aniekan Ibanga

    I have all the basic requirement

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    Nasra salah Nasra salah

    Green card for education and work

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    Augustine Anderson

    I have completed high school and I have three credit in high school exams. Presently I am doing Higher Teachers Certificate course. I want to know whether I can get get a visa with such a document. Please what is your advice to me?
    Thank you. From Augustine Anderson.

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    Am doing my higher national diploma in civil engineering, please I will be glad if it can be approve.
    Abiodun Thompson

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    Nizeyimana Innocent

    I am Nizeyimana innocent technician 5yaers of expeliance i want to know whether i can get a green card