Why Should I Register with Green Card Experts?

We are among the largest and oldest in the Green Card Lottery pressing services in the industry, and most trusted processor of green card applications in the world! We offer expert and professional help with the official US Green Card Lottery application process. Millions of US Visa Lottery applications are disqualified every year because of errors and omissions.

Do not let this happen to you. Allow us to review, prepare, and submit your green card application for the next US Green Card Lottery.

We guarantee that your green card application will be in 100% compliance with all US Government requirements for US Visa Lottery registrations. Apply to the Visa Lottery with confidence. Register online now on

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    isaac wathigo

    I have already submitted my application for green card on but someone is telling me it's a blog.

    When will it be the right time for u to submit my application?

    When is the period for this year 2020 applications starting since I have visited several times and the date is not yet displayed?

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    Thomas Smith

    Isaac Wathigo You submitted your application in just the right time,

    Your application has been processed and approved by us and will be submitted before the next deadline in October 2020, set by the National Visa Center (NVC), for the next Green Card Program.

    As soon as your application has been submitted you will receive an email with your digital confirmation number issued by the US Government.

    All winners will receive notice directly from US Green Card Office via email, postal mail and a personal phone call.

    Applications can be submitted 365 days a year when the paid service including full immigration support are used. You can read more about paid vs free service here,

    Edited by Thomas Smith