2017 Travel Ban will not effect Green Card Lottery Applicants

Date: June 28, 2017




Diversity Visas

8.  (SBU) For Diversity Visa (DV) applicants already scheduled for interviews falling after the E.O. implementation date of 8:00 p.m. EDT June 29, 2017, post should interview the applicants.  Posts should interview applicants following these procedures:

a.) Officers should first determine whether the applicant is eligible for the DV, without regard to the E.O.  If the applicant is not eligible, the application should be refused according to standard procedures.

b.) If an applicant is found otherwise eligible, the consular officer will need to determine during the interview whether the applicant is exempt from the E.O.’s suspension of entry provision (see paragraphs 10-13), and if not, whether the applicant qualifies for a waiver (paragraphs 14 and 15).

c.) DV applicants who are not exempt from the E.O.’s suspension of entry provision and who do not qualify for a waiver should be refused 221(g) and the consular officer should request an advisory opinion from VO/L/A following current guidance in 9 FAM 304.3-1.

Based on the Department’s experience with the DV program, we anticipate that very few DV applicants are likely to be exempt from the E.O.’s suspension of entry or to qualify for a waiver.  CA will notify DV applicants from the affected nationalities with scheduled interviews of the additional criteria to allow the potential applicants to determine whether they wish to pursue their application.

9.  (SBU) The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will continue to schedule additional DV-2017 appointments for cases in which the principal applicant is from one of these six nationalities.  While the Department is mindful of the requirement to issue Diversity Visas prior to the end of the Fiscal Year on September 30, direction and guidance to resume normal processing of visas following the 90-day suspension will be sent septel.

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